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59915: Safely HomeSafely Home
By Randy Alcorn

"This book has been recommended to me by more people than any other book. An incredible story." - Steve H.

"Is this the day I die?" wonders Li Quan as he endures persecution for his faith. Half a world away his college buddy, businessman Ben Fielding, steps on the plane to China. Reunited after 20 years, both men face decisions that will determine their destinies---and the fates of their nations and the world. 400 pages, softcover from Tyndale.

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Cal wrote:

So if I drink a few beers on a Friday, I will go to hell?

Our Answer:

Hi Cal:

Nope. Having a few beers on Friday will not send you to hell.

What the Bible says about drinking is that we should not drink so much that we lose control of ourselves. We should also not set a bad example for those who are weaker than us.

For example, if you and I go out Friday night. You might be able to have a couple of beers and be fine. But, I watch you and follow your example. In my case a couple of beers get me drunk. I try to drive home and smash into a light pole.

The Bible says what you have done is wrong. You needed to have set a better example for me. You have some responsibility there.

So drinking is not prohibited in the Bible. Irresponsible drinking is, although it still does not mean you go to hell. Your eternal salvation depends on whether or not you are trusting Jesus.

Yours in the Love of Christ,
Move To Assurance

P.S. Many Christians do not drink. This is not because the Bible prohibits drinking, but because it is easy to go too far. Drinking impares your judgement. So as you you have more drinks you think you are doing fine. The reality is that you are not in control.

In addition, drinking is so dangerous, so potentially harmful to others, that for many Christians it is not worth the risk. They feel the loving thing to do is to not drink at all.


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